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Photo Gallery: Building Update Photo Gallery: Building Update

Building Update

Being prepared to install in the early stage of development

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Taping and mudding
Viewed 1457 times
Mixing mud
Viewed 1697 times
Ed checking out the work
Viewed 1486 times
Finish work on beams
Viewed 1526 times
Electrical working being checked
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Taping and mudding

A lot of this going on

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Finish work on center channel
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Beam and box being prepared for sheet rock
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Beam and box being prepared for sheet rock on other side of sanctuary
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Recently hung sheet rock
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These have been prepared to be mounted on wall behind platform

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Hanging sheet rock

This was after sound board was hanged on back wall

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Hanging sheet rock
Viewed 2199 times
Hanging sheet rock

Another picture after sound board was hung

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