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Get acquainted with the children's Minister

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Get acquainted with the children's Minister

Posted on Tue, Feb 9, 2010


Pamela Edmond is married to Gordon J. Edmond since October 6, 1996. They have 4 children; Chris, Chelsea, Ajalona, Ajalen and 1 grand child; Bryson. Pam is a graduate of Class of 2000 from Faith Is the Victory. Gordon and Pam have completed their Bachelor of Science from Bethel College, McKenzie, TN; Gordon -December 2008 and Pam -May 2007. They both are working on their Master's via online programs.


Upon entering the children's ministry class new students who attend are asked to introduce themselves by telling 2 things important qualities about their selves. Pam's is "she loves to teach and is married to the best man in the whole wide world."  (those who are not new – know this by heart). Pam remembers while working with the youth God spoke and said "feed my sheep" and showed her a vision of little birds with their mouths open; she and Gordon were to feed them physically and spiritually. This youth ministry encompassed over 30+ children and youth weekly from the county. They would come from school and they would drive them home afterwards; even to Vanleer and out skirts of Charlotte. Recall, one night 2 young men arrived late and policy was be on time for there was no hanging out.  During class they asked to speak and stated they had returned to a local grocery store to let the manager know they have been taking items from the store and they were sorry and would not be stealing anymore. This happens by someone experiencing the love of Christ and the redemptive power of his sacrifice.  These 2 men are adults now and doing quite well.

 They are certified foster parents via State of Tennessee Path Program. Pam is referred to as the "energizer bunny". Pam recalls her first visit to CFC; she and Gordon brought the community youth to a revival and on Thursday they were receiving calls to return to the service and they did. There was such a presence of God and love upon the hill that was compelling to return.