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Prevailing Prayer

Posted on Thu, Mar 27, 2008

Prevailing prayer is holy work, fervent labor. Epaphras, who was "always wrestling in prayer" for his congregation (Col. 4:12), prevailed in prayer. The apostles deliberately chose to give their attention to prayer (Acts 6:4). Then three verses later we are told, "So the word of God spread. The number of disciples in Jerusalem increased rapidly." Even a large number of the priests, perhaps the most difficult to win, "became obedient to the faith."

(Andrew) Murray wrote, "We have far too little conception of the place that intercession, as distinguished from prayer for ourselves, ought to have in the church and the Christian life. In intercession our King upon the throne finds His highest glory. In it we shall find our highest glory too. Through it He continues His saving work and can do nothing without it. Through it alone we can do our work, and nothing avails without it." He adds, "Where…we work more than we pray, the presence and the power of God are not seen in our work as we would wish."

"Prayer was never meant to be incidental to the work of God. It is the work…in all work for God, prayer is the working power of all that God would do through His people." Arthur Mathews says, "The spiritual history of a mission or a church is written in its prayer life." What counts with God are not statistics but prayer depth and God's presence and power in lives, church service, and outreach. All our goal setting, effective management techniques, and computerized administration will accomplish little unless empowered by mighty prevailing prayer.

Whatever gets you too busy for prayer time, whatever distracts you from holy prevailing, whatever robs you of hunger for God, for souls, and for time for prayer warfare is a hindrance to God and His kingdom. You cannot afford it.

The great and godly people of the church have always been those who know how to prevail in prayer. There is nothing higher or holier in Christian living and service. In prevailing prayer you rise to your full potential as created in the image of God as exalted to the heavenlies to share with Christ His intercessory throne (Eph. 1:20-21; 2:6).

Think of it: The very God who raised up Jesus to heaven after His death and resurrection, placing Jesus at His right hand on the throne of the universe, has also "raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms" (Eph. 2:6). You sit potentially where Jesus sits-on the throne, to share His rule! When? Now! How? By intercession!

You have no greater ministry or no leadership more influential than intercession. There is no higher role, honor, or authority than this. You have been saved to reign through prayer. You have been Spirit-filled to qualify you to reign by prayer. You reign as you prevail in prayer.

The greatest need of God today is for men and women who know how to prevail in prayer-mighty intercessors, tireless prevailers, people who will persevere in prayer battle and prayer conquest until heaven's powers are released and God's will is done in the practical situations on earth.