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Stand strong in faith

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Stand strong in faith

Posted on Fri, Apr 3, 2020

Word of encouragement

 ”As long as Satan can keep you in unbelief or hold you in the arena of reason, he'll whip you in every battle. But if you'll hold him in the arena of faith and the Spirit, you'll whip him every time. The devil won't argue with you about the Name of Jesus—he's afraid of that Name. Once you use your authority and speak in faith, you don't have to command devils to come out all day long. If you know your authority, they will obey you. They have to go once the command is given in faith. When circumstances don't change immediately, some people become discouraged. They start talking unbelief and defeat themselves. They give the devil dominion over them. Don't be moved by what you see and feel. Stand your ground!” - Kenneth E. Hagin