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Tongues A Flowing Stream Of Praise

Posted on Sat, Sep 20, 2008

Lesson 7 Homework

1) How many gifts were manifested in the Old Testament?


 2) What is given to everyone to profit withal?


 3) When you get an experience inside the word of God what do you have?


 4) What did the lesson say a psalm is?


 5) What will happen if we choose to walk in the Spirit?


 6) After the initial experience what are we told the spirit filled believer does not have to do?


 7) Speaking with tongues is not only an initial sign of the Holy spirits dwelling but what is it?


 8) Speaking with tongues is a flowing stream that.


 9) Bro. Hagin said if he didn’t have the same sign speaking in tongues he had no what?


 10) In 1 Cor 12:7-11 are listed nine what?


 11) What are the vocal gifts designed as?


 12) What are divers kind of tongues?


 13) What does the Greek say about Ephesians 5:19?


 14) How can we know from our lesson we are children of God?


 15) What will cause rivers of living water to flow out of our belly?


16) Tongues and interpretation of tongues are in the Old and New Testament. T---- F----

17) Tongues and interpretation of tongues are distinctive to this dispensation.T---- F----

18) By staying filled with the Spirit we can overcome the Devil. T---- F----

19) Divers tongues are languages never learned by the speaker. T---- F----

20) Tongues and interpretation of tongues are manifested less frequently in the Church than the other gifts. T---- F----