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Posted on Fri, Feb 3, 2012


By Norvel Hayes
Stay in God’s Will
You know, if you don’t ever worship God and praise Him, you are, very simply, out of God’s will. “What do you mean, Brother Norvel, when you say we are ‘out of God’s will’?” You may say, “I go to church and love the Lord. I am not out of God’s will.” You may not think so, but you are living beneath your means. You are living afar — far from where you could be living. “Now that isn’t true, Brother Norvel,” you may say. “I’m not living afar. I love the Lord. I pray during church. I get blessed in the song service. And I even weep.” But if you only worship during a church service and only get blessed when you sing those songs in church, you are not really worshipping Him the way He wants you to. And you will never be able to enjoy God’s best. You see, if you’ve not been spending time worshipping God yourself, you’ve been living your life in the permissive will of God. But all you have to have, my friend, is dedication to come back to Him. This is your own choice. You have to make the decision to return to God and begin to worship Him. Then you have a right to pray and ask God for things. If you are trying to pray and ask God for a lot of things without ever worshipping Him, you will usually get a few things just because He loves you so much. But always remember this: many things you will never get unless you yourself make a covenant with God. Many of the blessings of God that He has for a human being — or the human race, or the church — will never come to you unless you make that covenant of worship and covenant of praise with Him. Many of those blessings, you will never get. Never! “Well, I pray, Brother Norvel,” somebody may say. “But it seems like God doesn’t hear me. I try to live my life clean, Brother Norvel. I love the Lord, and I give my money to the Gospel. I don’t know why God wouldn’t hear me when I pray.” Well, all that sounds good, but it sounds religious, and that’s about what it is. I’m not talking about being religious. I’m talking about having a relationship with God. You might say: “Brother Norvel, I need help. I can’t pay my bills. My body has sickness in it. I’m in terrible shape! I need Jesus to help me.” We are the church of the Lord Jesus Christ, and Jesus is Head of the church. If you will just tell God how much you need His Son to help you, He will. All you have to do is be willing to give yourself over completely to God.
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Hayes, Norvel (2010-09-10). Worship: More Than Just a Song (Kindle Locations 545-555). Harrison House LLC. Kindle Edition.